Al Baker & Associates

Business Applications

Al Baker & Associates is a developer, producer, and programmer of innovative business solutions.  Whether for the PC or the Web, we understand business needs from requirements acquisition, database design, application interface and human factors design, management control and reporting, and testing.

Working with partners, we can provide the additional "heavy lifting" needed to take on additional projects or complete existing projects within deadline.  If you provide software solutions to the business community and would like additional firepower to meet client needs, we can help.  We have a deserved reputation for joining existing projects and adding immediate and substantial productivity improvements.

Writing and Editorial Services

We also provide documentation, copy writing, and editorial services.  Business writing, especially web based copy, should be written and edited by professionals to have that polished look and feel.  Let us give your web site or business brochure an editorial make-over that can make all the difference.

Interactive Entertainment

Al Baker & Associates is a developer, producer, and programmer of exciting games for the Sega Genesis, GameGear, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Atari Lynx, Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast, PC CD-ROM, Windows '95, and the Internet.  We create original games and convert existing games to new platforms.  An on-going emphasis on the development of customized production tools and the use of leading-edge technology are hallmarks of the Al Baker & Associates development team.  Our team approach lets us assign the best talent to a given task.